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Riding the Dolomites!

Riding bikes has been my passion for a very long time, and every once in a while I get to ride in places I’ll never forget.  This trip was one of those, not only because I got to ride in two different countries but because of the beauty of each one of these spots.  The Dolomites are spectacular and are actually part of the Giro de Italia every year (on the road that is).


The first stop was Madrid.  We drove north of the city towards the mountains to a place called La Pedriza, which in Spanish means “the rocky place” and rocky it was.  We climbed over 1,000 m in 38 km in the 32 degree sunny weather, needless to say it was dry and dusty, but super fun.  The best part was that the trail starts right behind this castle built in 1475! That’s before Columbus discovered the Americas!

The day after that we (nine of us) flew to Bergamo, northern Italy and drove towards the Austrian border.  In the past, this region was disputed between Italy and Austria and they battled it out, at some point the German language was banned and those who spoke it were punished, but nowadays people from that region speak both, Italian and German.  The town we stayed at is called Selva di Val Gardena (Wolkenstein in Gröden) and we were there from Saturday to Saturday.  The first day we did some climbing (google via ferrata) and the next five days we rode bikes.  There are still places where you can see the old rock buildings destroyed during WWI, and in fact, the via ferratas were installed by soldiers crossing those mountain passes during the war.


Each night the guides plan the trips depending on your skill and fitness level, and they group you accordingly.  The average distance per day was between 40km and 60km with elevation gain of over 4,000 m, and basically you go from one valley to another one, riding all kinds of trails, but the majority of them are fast, rocky and loose.  Not a lot of man-made stunts, mostly natural trails.  This area is very popular during winter and they have chairlifts and gondolas everywhere that go up to the top of the Alps.  Sometimes you take the lift to get to the other side and then ride down to the next town, so we rode Santa Cristina, Passo Gardena, Kolfuschg, Corvara In Badia, Plan de Gralba and Selva Wolkenstein.

Some trails are very exposed, one booboo and you tumble down the hill for a long time.  But that means that the views from up there are simply unreal.  The key to a good riding trip is what guide will take your group, some guides are fun, social, good photographers and fast on the bike, some others are just the opposite.  One of the guides in our last day was slow that two of us had to ride in front of him, so we didn’t get any pictures that day.

Every day after the ride you have to clean up your bike, fix whatever is needing some love and then you sit down under the alpine sun, having a beer (or a Coke zero in my case) with some snacks.  Such is my idea of a vacation.

Accent Inn Rates

JUNE to SEPT 2017 Rates Sheet

Accent Inn is an affinity partner with the Vancouver Regional Construction Association (VRCA)  and we offer all their members our Preferred Corporate rates (attached) at our Accent Inn locations in BC.


Accent Inns  http://www.accentinns.com/ are BC owned and operated with five locations, we’re  in Kamloops, Kelowna, Victoria, Burnaby and Vancouver Airport (Richmond).  We have standard guestrooms (photo attached),  guestrooms with kitchenettes, and one bedroom suites with kitchens.  We offer free parking, free and fast Wi-Fi in all rooms and a free night benefit program – after 10 nights the 11th night is free.


The easiest way to make a reservation is to call our toll free line 1-800-663-0298 and ask for the preferred rate.  Please identify your company as a member of VRCA to get these preferred rates.


Our preferred rates include an upgraded continental breakfast in our breakfast rooms in Kamloops, Kelowna and Victoria.


Check out our 2 cousin properties in Victoria and Kelowna – Hotel Zed https://www.hotelzed.com/, a rebellious division of Accent Inns.


Thank you,

Accent Inn

Montreal Formula1 Grand Prix & Engagement Photos

In early June, Barzin and I took a trip to Montreal to watch Formula1


As luck would have it, we were drinking on a patio when an Aston Martin rolled up and I got to meet Daniel Ricciardo! He is an Australian driver for the Red Bull team. That weekend in Montreal he placed 3rd and Patrick Stewart drank champagne from his shoe! Daniel went on to win the race in Baku, Azerbaijan this past weekend!


Here is a picture from our seats at the race. Our friend’s dad scouted out seats for over 7 years and decided these were the best of anywhere, so we were really lucky to be his guests! This is where crashes usually happen and the cars go slow enough that you can actually see them – F1 cars can hit top speeds of around 200km/hr! On the straightaways, if you blink you’ll miss it!


The food scene in Montreal is excellent! There are patios all over the place – streetside and rooftop. We walked around to see the beautiful the architecture and stopped for food and drinks along the way.



We also got some engagement photos taken in Old Montreal. No wedding date set yet, but sometime in 2018… we will figure it out soon I’m sure.

I highly recommend Montreal for a trip and even more so for F1 weekend! It’s so much fun! 🙂


New Book Announcement!

We have three new books in our collection!

The Time Paradox: The New Psychology of Time That Will Change Your Life by Philip Zimbardo and Joh Boyd, Mindwise: How We Understand What Others Think, Believe, Feel, and Want by Nicholas Epley,  and   Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder by Nassim Nicholas Taleh

Happy reading!

~June 20, 2017

A New Member of the Bold Family – Welcome Cali Rose!

Barzin and I are happy to share that after three and a half weeks of fostering, we officially adopted Cali on Saturday!

Cali was born November 17th in Cabo San Lucas Mexico. Her mama, now named Lady and adopted to a family in BC, was found pregnant on the streets and taken into care by a kind family. Cali has two sisters from her litter – one lives in Langley and the other stayed with the foster family in Cabo.

Cali sleeps through most nights, has a healthy appetite and friendly demeanor. She is a daily joy who loves to fetch, play and snuggle 🙂 She knows her name and comes when you call her. We also taught her how to sit on command over the past week – although sometimes she sits in really odd positions, like cross-legged or in the splits…

Her name is now officially Cali Rose Assadi <3 They guess that she will grow to be about 20 lbs and we don’t know for sure her breed, but the rescue guessed lab / terrier / chi.

We fostered to adopt through Furever Freed Dog Rescue in Langley – their Facebook page is the best place to find them. They rescue dogs from the streets of Mexico, California kill shelters and the Korean dog meat trade. They also take local surrenders.





New Game Alert! Pac-Man

Alex bought Pac-Man for the PS4 in the kitchen!

Harmik’s Second Wedding Reception and Argentina Trip

Hi Everyone,

I thought I’d share a bit about my trip to Argentina along with some photos!

We had 6 friends join us in Argentina for part of our trip.  First we went to Balcarce (Martin’s home town) for Christmas, our reception and new years…


Then we went to the beach!  This is Mar Del Plata from his cousins apartment… pretty good view

After the beach we went to Mendoza for a few days.  Went to a few wineries and also into the Andes for a day


We also had the best wine tasting of our lives.  It included a 5 course meal and unlimited wine.  Here is the main:

We ended up back in Balcarce for the last week of our trip which included a lot of icecream!!

If any of you are considering a trip down there – come and talk to me J

Brandon and Stefania get Engaged!

Stefania and I had an absolute blast together in Cancun!


We made a ton of friends (some of which will be coming to see us in Vancouver!) and came back home officially engaged. Most patient woman in the world!



The worst part is always leaving, but, the best part was bringing my fiancé back to Canada for Christmas!




The Economist Online Access

Hi Bolders!

For those of you that are interested you can access The Economist online at: http://www.economist.com/






Happy reading!


~ Nov 23, 2016

New Book Announcement: If Only I’d Said That

Hi Bolders!

We have a new addition to our library donated by David Wan. It’s called If Only I’d Said That, Volume VI by local author and businessman Peter Legge . Happy reading!

– Nov 14, 2016

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